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Partnership is an arrangement between two or more subjects to work closely, honestly, proactively and with highest professional standards to achieve common goals.

It goes without saying that the aforementioned meaning takes place only when dealing with the right partner.



Public Finances Systems

We are happy that we have had the opportunity to help public institutions with software platforms for managing public finances in a more intelligent way. Our competence, deep expertise and clear vision led to successful implementation in the country level. Continuity to implement such and more complex solutions pushes us closer to you. more

Public Health Systems

The solutions implemented in Public Health makes us proud as the Health Care Providers themselves, but also obliges us to continuously increase our responsibility and contribution in this sector. We found out that society needs our competence and we feel good contributing in citizens well being more

G2C and other Government solutions

Helping public institutions in realizing their obligations and objectives to citizens and optimizing their performance and transparency through intuitive and intelligent tech-solutions remains a limitless passion of ours.
It has become a very beautiful routine that always brings new and challenging things, to which we pay great attention more

Rule of Law

The rule of law as one of the most important sectors for the quality of life of citizens, is the area where we have successfully implemented some of our valuable solutions.
It has been clearly proven that our expertise has created a unique and positive impact in this sphere and we are very happy for that more

Digital banking and Fintech

Our experience in solving critical problems and designing the utmost solutions made it possible for us to create attractive products in the financial industry of which we are proud.
Now, with our solutions, the real transformation of the banking has already taken place and the benefits of all parties are multiplied more

Internet of Things

IoT is an area that gives us the opportunity to expand our creation and innovation beyond software solutions and we are very happy about that. PBC has already produced unique products that serve the quality of life of citizens and optimize the performance of businesses. more

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