PBC is now known as the company with the most experience with local and international institutions in Kosovo and the region. Competitiveness and creativity to simplify and optimize even the most complex solutions has been and remains the connecting bridge with our customers. And we are proud for that.

The following are some of the solutions implemented so far:

Digital services from Government to Citizens (G2C)

The main aim of digital services from government to citizens, is to overcome the barriers and queues at the local and national level by offering direct access to the services offered for government to citizens and businesses.

Some of intuitive platforms implemented successfully by PBC:

Digital services to citizens through smart assistant online platform ...

Digital services to municipality level through smart city platform ...

Digital services to citizens through customized machines ...

All above mentioned solutions are developed in the multilingual model and are open for change and adaptation, depending on the perspective of beneficiary parties.

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Digital banking and Fintech

One of the solutions which makes PBC proud in solution design and software development is a world-class and cutting-edge solution for digital banking and fintech services, which delivers

  • eAccount, known as virtual banking card, where you can receive any type of incomes;
  • ePOS which converts Smart phones into Payment Points, named as POS and completely replaces them;
  • eWallet where you store your electronic money, your savings, bonuses and any other type of fiat money;
  • Recurring payments, which enables You paying utility invoice and any other type of payments, in no-time and anytime;
  • Payments at shops, restaurants, pubs, auto-parking with your smart phone through-touch less technology;
  • Money transfer, to any account holder in milliseconds;
  • eCommerce, for any online shop in the country;
  • Cash Out, in any commercial bank or authorized point,
  • eLoans and my more.

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Internet of Things

Nowadays it is proved that human beings are operating with many machineries and equipments, originally designed to help us shape a better and more efficient future.
In line with this, PBC offers best-in-class Internet of Things (IoT) solutions from specialized engineering on internal market as well as international market.

Some of the products developed and successfully deployed in market:

Smart Door, which operates in technology of Face recognition concept and will be open only for people which are already registered...

Smart POS (Point of Sale) which is suitable for any fintech company and through which payers identify beneficiaries ...

Smart condition meterings which measures data in real time, 24/7 and delivers data to defined routes ...

SPARK a real smart parking solution for any kind of parking ...

Qtick an effective solution for queue management system ...

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