Public Health Systems

The solutions implemented in Public Health makes us proud as the Health Care Providers themselves, but also obliges us to continuously increase our responsibility and contribution in this sector. We found out that society needs our competence and we feel good contributing to citizens well being.

As the leading ICT enterprise PBC developed best-in-class systems for the public health system, which are:

Health Information System

Health Information System (HIS) which is a modular platform and includes inpatient and outpatient as well as all levels of Health Care Providers, from first and second up to third level. Developed by PBC experts, in the latest technology tools and guided by customer-centric philosophy it become a very powerful tool for managing all health care provider levels.

Health Information System as integrated platform is based on:

▪System for Primary Health Care Providers (HCP), respectively

▪System for Secondary HCP, City’s Hospital

▪System for Tertiary HCP, University Clinical Center, which includes 37 hospitals for inpatient medical services and its ambulances for outpatient.

The platform hierarchy is built based on the case of Kosovo, where it is functioning perfectly. However, the HIS platform is built on the basis of flexibility and fits any hierarchy.

Beside others, HIS includes integrated EMR (Electronic Medical Record), International Classification of Diseases (ICD) 9 and ICD 10 and Comprehensive Reporting System for supporting healthcare policy decisions.

We would be very happy to have a chance for presenting our HIS demo. If you are interested, please leave a message by clicking here.


ePrescription is a modular platform, developed in the latest technology and due to the scalability is applicable at any level of any country.

ePrescription is interconnected with the Health Information System, respectively all healthcare providers, all public and private pharmacies and the Health Insurance Fund. Its dynamic architecture provides flexibility for applying rules and regulations which are in force.

ePrescription fully protects the privacy of patients and is a completely paperless solution. eRecipes are encrypted and can only be decrypted with the code that only the patient or authorized person possesses. On the other hand, any authorized pharmacy, with one click can create the e-invoice and send it to the Health Insurance Fund for periodic reimbursement. Furthermore, each pharmacy can relate the warehouse and ePrescription automatically structures reimbursable drugs and those that can be paid by the patient himself.

We would be very happy to have a chance for presenting our ePrescription demo. If you are interested, please leave a message by clicking here.

Medical Laboratory Software

Medical Laboratory System a robust web-based LIMS/LIS built on latest technology and offers a wide range of functionalities.

It is web-based with a responsive UI for use on mobile and tablet devices and a focus on tools needed for lab inventory, cataloguing, reporting.

It provides the ability to enter manually lab results either automatically through ASTM, HL7, Karmi or any other form of owner.

A chance for presenting our Medical Laboratory Software would be the best way to let you know with current version and the state-of-the-art LIMS scalability. If you are ready, please click here.