Digital services from Government to Citizens

Helping public institutions in realizing their obligations and objectives to citizens and optimizing their performance and transparency through intuitive and intelligent technological solutions remains an unlimited passion of ours. It has become a very beautiful routine that always brings new and challenging things, to which we pay great attention.

With the professional competence and commitment of PBC, public institutions have managed to create technological infrastructure to better serve citizens and businesses.

Some of the unique solutions implemented and ready for you are presented below:

eG2C a proven smart assistant

“eG2C is a cutting-edge solution and the Next Big Thing electronic government for citizen services. It was designed and developed by PBC and aims to be a smart assistant for citizens and businesses regarding any type of public services.
Within the eG2C platform, citizens through the intuitive self-service interface can receive all public services related to family, property, education, business, judiciary, health and many other services which are provided through their static or mobile devices such as smartphones, all the time.

eG2C includes eForm generator, digital signature, digital stamp and end-to-end online payments.”

Smart city platform

“The smart city platform is a very intuitive platform designed and developed by PBC. It operates as cloud platform through web and native apps (iOS and Android) and aims to provide services to citizens from distance. It offers an effecrive interaction between citizens and municipality officials for all services and information, relating health, social welfare, education, tourism, Infrastructure, information for municipal officials, their professional background, the possibility of evaluating their puic services and many other functionalities that have a direct impact on the quality of life of the citizen.

The Smart City platform also interacts with other systems, such as eSchool, intranet for monitoring its case status or similar systems, and serves as a single window between citizen and their municipality.”

Customized machine for automated services

“eKiosks, widely known as PASS (Public Automated Serior Services) are customized machines designed and produced by PBC. PASS has been developed as an alternative for issuing physical documents to citizens through a self servicemachine. All documents provided on a physical counter can be obtained at PASS. Birth certificates, citizenship certificates, marriage certificates, tax certificates, etc. can be obtained in our machine, at any time. At the same time, citizens can assess the quality of public service or submit an official request to the respective institution.

PASS can be modified - add or remove services, depending on the investor’s needs.

PASS has been implemented in over 20 municipalities in Kosovo and Albania and has been proven as a success story for each of them.”

Vehicle Registration System

“Vehicle Registration System is cloud based system, designed and developed by PBC and deployed in national level, in Republic of Kosovo. It covers end-to-end registration and re-registration life-cycle for all types of vehicles and offers special procedures for specific vehicles such as diplomatic ones or military, police and so.

It is interconnected with Police systems, Tax Administration Systems, Customs Systems, Business Registration Systems, Insurance Systems, Vehicle testing and inspection systems and other systems through which data exchanging and validating is a precondition.

Vehicle Registration System is customizable, based on client’s needs and requirements. “

Human Resources Management System

HR, Payroll, Attendance and Ticketing system is one of the last platforms created and produced by PBC which deals with end-to-end processes regarding human resources within the organization. Automation and artificial intelligence starts from the recruitment phase, time attendance, training and evaluation, wages and bonuses. Interconnecting job description with integrated ticketing system is a special added value of our HR platform.