Rule of Law

The rule of law as one of the most important sectors for the quality of life of citizens, is the area where we have successfully implemented some of our valuable solutions.
It has been clearly proven that our expertise has created a unique and positive impact in this sphere and we are very happy for that.

As the leading ICT enterprise PBC developed best-in-class systems for rule of law, which are:

Forensic system

The Forensic Laboratory Management System - LIMS is a complete platform for managing issues that offers a full cycle of forensic-related activities.

Prison management system

Prisons, essential to the criminal justice system, have a formal organization and specific functions to perform. The main objective of the Prison Management System (PMS) is not just to confine inmates and prevent them from committing crimes, but to reform and rehabilitate. The purpose is to enable them to become useful citizens after they get released by paving the way for their natural merger with the society.